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Well Daily Post, how can i put this hum I’m not really vice free (i know shocker). at least not if you can call what i’m about to describe vice. I think it’s more like a bad habit. For some it’s smoking or drinking, well for me it’s TV and i love love music. My friends say i’m bad company sometimes. Like when i retire in my own little world and completely tune out listening to some music, watching something be it tv show, movie or just random videos. 

 Like right now i’m not alone but, i have my headphones on, listening to music while writing this. My friends know i love them, and i’m here if they need me, and it’s not because i don’t socialise well or don’t like being around people. Might be because i have so little time to myself with school, on some of my free time i would like to do something i really love: a good ol’ movie or an episode of FRIENDS i have already watched countless times. Also when i start a show, and i like it, i won’t rest until i’m finished with it. My friends say i watch way too much TV and i don’t think i’m ever going to give it up (even if i’m too busy with work i will find a way). I’m not counting music, because loving music like i do should never be considered a vice or a bad habit. 

So yeah i’m addicted to TV and music, but the situation is under control…i think.